Craig’s Story

You could say that Craig was born a hard worker. At only three weeks old, he was enrolled in an early childhood development program, and his incredible work ethic hasn’t wavered since. Craig began his job with Goodwill in May 2005, and he has achieved success not only in the workplace but in his personal life as well.

“Craig is such a dedicated and hard worker. I can’t think of a time that he’s ever missed work when he’s been scheduled to be there,” said Craig’s mother, Cathy.

In addition to his job at Goodwill, Craig represents the Special Olympics as a three-sport athlete and as a Global Messenger, which involves speaking at events, working fundraisers, and recruiting donors to support the organization. He has also served on the Board of Directors for Down Syndrome of Louisville, Inc. Those positions, combined with his Goodwill experience, have helped shape his goals for the future.

“Someday, I’d like to be more involved with community organizations and boards, but right now, I love my hands-on job at Goodwill’s donation center. I’ve always liked to work with my hands, ever since playing in the sandbox when I was little.”

Craig receives plenty of support from his Goodwill family. His supervisor, Ginny, is one of his favorite things about his job at Goodwill.

“Ginny is great. She inspires me at work by keeping everyone on task but also making it a fun place to be,” said Craig. “My job has made my life easier. I have my own apartment and an independent life,” said Craig.