12/11/17: Goodwill cautions donors about email, social media rumors

Louisville, Ky.— During the last few holiday seasons, some people have received a widely-circulated email or viewed a social media post called “Think Before You Donate” that contains false information about a number of nonprofits, including Goodwill. The email/social media post claims a person named Mark Curran is the president and “owner” of Goodwill. No one by that name has ever headed a Goodwill organization. Kentucky’s Goodwill is led by President and CEO Amy Luttrell, and Jim Gibbons is the CEO of Goodwill Industries International since 2008.

We would like to address some of the other issues raised in the email. Please note the following facts about Goodwill Industries of Kentucky:

  • Goodwill Industries of Kentucky is a registered, reputable 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • Donations to Goodwill support our mission of providing job training, employment, employment counseling, and adult literacy for people who face barriers to finding and keeping a job.
  • Goodwill helped place Kentuckians into 3,344 jobs in the 2017 fiscal year.
  • More than half of Goodwill’s employees in Kentucky have a disability or other challenge that affects their ability to find and maintain employment.
  • Goodwill paid nearly $14 million in wages to Kentuckians with disabilities or other barriers to employment in the 2017 fiscal year.
  • About 88 cents per dollar is applied to mission-related programming to help people with disabilities or other challenges achieve and maintain employment to gain a better quality of life.

Goodwill Industries International has also issued a response to the email rumors which can be found on their website.

We encourage donors to educate themselves about the organizations to which they give. Rest assured that your generous donations to Goodwill help Kentuckians develop critical job skills and find meaningful employment. Thank you for your support!

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