Expungement Services

Goodwill Expungement Program

Expungement is the process by which a record of criminal conviction is erased, destroyed or sealed from a state or federal record. An expungement order directs the court to treat the criminal conviction as if it had never occurred, essentially removing it from a defendant’s criminal record. Goodwill is focused on providing legal and financial assistance to participants because of the barriers an individual’s background can have on securing stable employment, housing and other basic needs.

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*In the event of a cancellation due to COVID-19, a representative from the Expungement Program will reach out via email to reschedule.

Which Legal Aid should you call AFTER attending an Expungement Clinic? Find out here.

Do you want to learn about the expungement process? If so, watch a short video from Legal Aid of the Bluegrass about Criminal Record Expungement.

For more information about expungement services, email expungement@goodwillky.org. Your past doesn’t need to define your future.