Donation & Retail Centers

Turning Jeans Into Jobs graphic

Goodwill is most widely-known for its donation and retail centers, or “stores.” Bargain-loving shoppers often don’t realize that their local Goodwill center is first and foremost a job training center.

By shopping and donating at Goodwill, you help people develop skills and receive hands-on job training at your local center. Your donations and purchases also generate revenue to fund Goodwill’s many employment programs and services.

Each Goodwill center:

  • Provides an average of 8-12 jobs
  • Equips employees with valuable, transferable job skills (customer service, cashiering, time management, production)
  • Offers clothing and other household goods at low prices
  • Generates local taxpayer dollars
  • Moves Kentuckians off public assistance
  • Reduces the volume of goods sent to local landfills

In accordance with our mission, Goodwill places an emphasis on hiring people with disabilities or other disadvantages. Our goal is not only to place people into jobs, but also ensure that employees have the resources and support to keep their job—ultimately gaining a better quality of life. A number of employees who work at Goodwill centers participate in the community employment program. Working with a job counselor gives many employees the opportunity to address challenges in their work environment that could affect their ability to maintain employment.

How do we turn your donations into jobs?

Let’s say you’re donating a pair of jeans to Goodwill. When you drive up to donate, an attendant greets you, accepts your jeans, thanks you, and hands you a receipt. A Goodwill production clerk then hangs them on a rack and wheels them out to the sales floor, where a shopper brings them to the cash register. Three dollars later, your jeans have a new home.

Thanks to you, your single pair of jeans helped provide meaningful work for at least three people—the donation attendant, production clerk, and cashier—who are likely among the 83% of Goodwill employees that report having a disability or other disadvantage. But revenue from Goodwill’s donation and retail centers goes even further by funding employment counseling, job placement services, and adult education programs that help people with disabilities or other disadvantages increase their quality of life through the power of work.