2nd Chance Outlet Member FAQ

Why are you opening an outlet?

At Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, we’re always searching for new ways to reach our customers and advance our mission. First and foremost, this outlet is for our customers to shop Goodwill in an exciting, unique way.

We’re also giving customers the chance to become 2nd Chance Outlet members, which gives them an advantage in the competition for thrift finds.

Learn more about becoming a member here

In addition, the opening of our 2nd Chance Outlet gives unsold items donated to our retail stores one more chance at finding a new home before being recycled, sold as salvage or disposed of.


Why is it called the 2nd Chance Outlet?

At Goodwill, we pride ourselves on offering second chances for individuals who have repaid their debt to society and proved themselves ready to reenter the workforce. We also give our donors’ gently used items a second chance by reselling them in our stores – and now our first outlet.

We believe in the power of second chances. And with our new 2nd Chance Outlet, we’ll be able to offer more second chances than ever.


How will it be different from a normal store?

At our 2nd Chance Outlet, merchandise will be sorted and sold by the pound on a conveyor belt and in large bins as opposed to individually priced items on racks at our retail stores. The outlet store will sell items that have been donated and cycled through our retail stores.


How does it work?

Items that are unsold at our retail stores are then sent to the outlet where they are given another chance at finding a new home.

Only members have access to the merchandise that appears on conveyor belts in the outlet. The conveyor runs periodically and product categories change frequently. Members are able to check the online schedule and purchase exclusive time slots to shop the conveyor.

Members place items into their carts from the conveyor belt and their carts are weighed and priced per the pound. Members simply show a proof of ID at the register to receive their special pricing. Members will also use a special cart for shopping.


How much does a membership cost? How do I become a member?

There is a flat rate for the membership of $50 per month. There are not any pricing tiers for the membership. To sign up, visit goodwillkyoutlet.org.


What do I get with my membership?

With a 2nd Chance Outlet membership, members will receive:

  • Access to premium product
  • Ability to purchase spots at the conveyor belt
  • An online portal to manage the membership
  • Special, reduced pricing on all products throughout the outlet


Will there be a certain place for members to shop?

Yes, members will have exclusive access to the conveyor belts to shop for premium product, as well as designated shopping carts, separated from non-members.


Do I get exclusive items with my membership?

Yes, members are granted first access to premium product before it is made available to non-members.


Is merchandise sorted?

Yes, textiles are separated into the following categories: men’s, women’s, children’s, bedding/bathroom and dresses/outerwear/intimates. We also separate by category our shoes, belts, hats, ties, purses and household wares.


How will items be priced at the outlet?

Merchandise sold at our 2nd Chance Outlet will be sold by weight. Checkout counters will have scales to weigh items. The full price chart for the outlet can be found here.


Can I return items purchased at the outlet?

No, merchandise purchased at the 2nd Chance Outlet cannot be returned. All sales are final, and items are sold as-is.


Does the outlet accept donations?

No, our 2nd Chance Outlet will not accept donations.


Where do these items come from?

Donated items that aren’t sold at our 15 Louisville retail locations will be sold at our outlet.


When is it opening? 

We’ve tentatively scheduled a soft opening of our 2nd Chance Outlet for August 16, 2021.

The grand opening is scheduled for Thursday, September 9 from noon to 3 p.m.


Where is it located? What are the hours?

6201 Preston Highway in Louisville. It will be open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

You can contact the outlet at (502) 434-5100.