Group 1 = $100. Complete any one of the following and receive credit. The maximum earned is $100 for group 1

  1. Steps program.  8000 steps a day for 25 days in a month. If you walked 10/12k in a day, those steps can transfer over. So total, I am looking for 200,000 steps. If you choose a month with 31 days, you have 6 days of wiggle room.
  2. Submit proof of 36 visits to your gym/ exercise studio over six (6) months.
  3. Participate in Weight Watchers for at least three (3) out of the six (6) months.
  4. Pursue GED completion or college classes (3 credit hours) or complete a certification course that equals 80 or more contact hours (transcripts or course completion documents for show of proof)
  5. Complete a six (6) week tobacco cessation program (completion certificate is proof)


Group 2 = $50. Complete any combination of the following to receive the maximum of $50 in group 2

  1. Show proof of your annual health screening by your health care provider ($50).
  2. Show proof (Dr. note) of completing yearly women’s/men’s health exam ($25)
  3. Show proof of a dental cleaning ($25).
  4. Complete three (3) health/wellness learning modules through Goodwill training management systems ($25, completion certificate is proof).Example: “Sleep and Wellness”


Group 3 = $50. Complete any combination of the following to receive the maximum of $50.

  1. Complete three (3) financial literacy courses through either Apprisen, Goodwill Learning Management System (Elevate), or any other financial institutions courses ($30. Show a certificate of completion for proof).
  2. Complete three (3) courses on Elevate of your choice ($25) Example: “The Beauty of Differing Opinions”
  3. Attend a worship service or spiritual development course/class/yoga ($10. No proof necessary other than stating you attended at least once during incentive period).
  4. Complete a mental health/stress learning module on Elevate ($20. Show certificate of completion as proof).
  5. Receive both rounds of a COVID-19 vaccination(s) ($25)


Group 4 = Wellness Paperwork

  1. Check the Wednesday weekly for updates on monthly activities.

Wellness Paperwork Form

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