May Wellness updates

May challenge

Participate in the “Healthy Selfie” or “Healthy Recipe” challenge!

Submit a selfie of you doing a healthy activity by texting Onna Moore, wellness specialist, at (502) 528-9757 or emailing

This could be a selfie at the gym, flying a kite, eating a home-cooked meal or standing by a park sign. Anyone who participates in the May activity will be entered to win Wellness swag.

Here are some examples from Onna and Director of Safety and Wellness Tim Smoke! Pictured is Onna and a friend at Bernheim Forest and Tim doing some weightlifting at the gym.



Turn in your incentive paperwork!

Many of our employees have already signed up to participate in the Wellness Incentive Program! Goodwill Industries of Kentucky is your No. 1 fan and we want to help you reach all your 2021 goals.

For those of you who have already signed up for the Wellness Incentive Program or are planning on doing so, here is the exercise log you can use to track your physical activity. This is also located on UltiPro under the Wellness section. Use this to keep track of your workouts and submit it to no later than June 30, 2021.

If your paperwork is complete, please turn it in early so we can check for accuracy.


Take advantage of the huge savings with WW

Many employees have taken advantage of the Weight Watchers discount provided to all Goodwillers.

If you would like to join, there is a 50% discount when you use the activation code 15989875. All you need to do is visit to get signed up.

If now is not the right time, no worries, the 50% discount will be offered to you all year long, so when you are ready, Weight Watchers will be there waiting for you.